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Recycled open-pit haul truck and loader tires find new life as water tanks that will last a lifetime.  These livestock waterers are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture's Natural Resource Conservation Service in many states for use in cost share projects. 

Ranging in size from 6 to 13 feet in diameter, these tanks can hold from 275 - 1600 gallons and can be custom cut to almost any height to be used by cattle, horses, sheep, alpacas & llamas, goats and other livestock. 






Unfortunate circumstances that would destroy other tanks (freezing, fighting bulls, equipment intervention, target practice, etc...) don't make a dent in these sturdy investments.  All this adds up to significant time and replacement cost savings for you.


Benefits of Tire Tanks:

  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. We've never had to replace one in over 30 years! Ice, bulls, tractors and even hurricanes won't hurt these waterers.

  • Rubber insulates the water from extreme temperatures, both hot & cold. These water troughs can be made freeze-proof to -20F without heat!

  • Less Algae = Cleaner Water. No light can penetrate the sides of the water tank and the black draws light away from the water.

  • Environmentally sound. This is a recycled product that does not leach any harmful chemicals and won't experience any structural breakdown for over 200 years, according to scientists we've spoken with.

  • Proven. Over the past three decades, we've sold thousands of these tire water troughs from the heat of south Texas to the bitter cold of the Dakotas. You just won't find a more durable, effective watering solution.

  • Easy to Set. Setting the tank is really quite simple. All you need is some fill dirt and a few bags of dry cement mix.

  • Flexible options. Tire tanks are great to use for developing springs with gravity-feed, and they are perfect for pressurized water lines, hydrants, pond siphons...pretty much any application you can think of.  You can install an overflow pipe or a float valve.


How can you buy a Tire Tank?

We will ship truckload quantities anywhere in the lower 48 United States. Call today if you have any questions or to receive a price quote.

Our toll-free number is 800-365-5850.

For less-than-truckload quantities, please call us or click for the dealer nearest you.

The Bottom Line Is:

You can't break them, and they won't break you!

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